THE RICHARD OVERALL TRUST

This Trust was set up in 2001 in memory of 20 year old Richard Overall who had Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. He was an inspiration to everyone who had the privilege of meeting him.

The Trust has helped and will continue to help young disabled persons with financial support in order to enjoy and progress in their chosen sport.

The Trust supports requests from Individuals, Groups, Family and Carers who are British Citizens without regard to Creed, Culture or Race.

Mrs Tessa Sanderson-White. MBE. OBE. CBE.
Mr John Barnes. MBE.                                            Registered Charity No: 1088640

One of the events organised by The Richard Overall Trust at Brands Hatch  Motor Racing Circuit.

The aim of the Trust is to advance the physical education of disabled young individuals and groups through the provision of grants to allow their participation in or attendance at sporting activities, or the purchase of equipment for sporting events or activities.
Examples of applications for which funding may be made:
Equipment: Such as Specialist Sports Equipment.
Training: Instructors and the Use of Gymnasiums.
Clothes: Track Suits or Footwear.
Transport: To Include Fares or the Hire of a Specialist Vehicle.
Attendance: The purchase of Tickets to Sporting Events.

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